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InnoTech Community by Ambrosetti and Pizzarotti: connected construction site | TimelapseLab

On 01/31/2023 we participated in the round table by the InnoTech Community titled “Digital technologies for the development of the connected construction site”; a dialogue with important names in the construction world on possible future developments for a more connected construction site.

The event was organized by The European House-Ambrosetti and Impresa Pizzarotti & C. S.p.A.

It was a great honor for us to join the InnoTech Community: the largest Italian network of innovation and technology professionals. Every year the Community organizes events and meetings with the aim of understanding  the great transformative challenges associated with new technologies, and of building sustainable competitive advantages for territories and businesses and to improve people’s quality of life.

Innotech community, digital technologies for construction sites

The central theme of the meeting we attended was the role of digital technologies in shaping the connected construction sites of tomorrow, with particular regard to safety, efficiency and resource allocation. Our Founder and CEO, Daminao Bauce, presented the topic of the power of visualization, data storage and artificial intelligence on construction sites.

All these aspects are central to the TimelapseLab system which guarantees, with the support of artificial intelligence and high-resolution devices, the safety of personnel and environments, better communication and more fluid management.

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