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TimelapseLab undergoes safety tests

Timelapse treasures the privacy of its clients

We have subjected our software to the best tests to ensure maximum protection from data breach and to increase the IT security of the web platform, as well as to verify compliance with the European GDPR Regulation. We are committed to guarantee the best possible respect for privacy as indicated by Eu and state regulations.
We relied on highly qualified companies to evaluate and improve the security of our systems. The Web Application Pen Test (WAPT) was carried out following the OWASP methodology, and simulating a hacker’s attack to TimelapseLab applications.
The following categories were included in the test:
– Business Logic Testing;
– Authentication Testing;
– Access Control Testing;
– Session Management;
– Cryptography;
– Configuration Management;
– Application / User error messages.

As a result of the tests, we have made the appropriate changes, mitigating possible risks associated with the vulnerabilities found. We continue to work to make the platform more secure and protected from data breach.



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