TimelapseLab provides the monitoring service for Lytos and Newcold with its TLA devices

TimelapseLab follows Lytos in the construction of an automated warehouse for Newcold, in Fiorenzuola D’arda, northern Italy. Our time lapse video shows in a few seconds the progress of the work thanks to the continuous monitoring of one of our TLA devices. The high-resolution photos collected over the last few months allow for impactful communication with clients and remote site control.

NewCold is a company that provides  transport and storage of goods that must remain at low temperatures. With warehouses  in strategic points in Europe and America, it offers solutions mainly for clients operating in distribution, bridging the gap between factories and shopping centers.

The new warehouse in Piacenza will have to maintain an internal temperature between -28 ± 2 ° C. The structure includes 8 aisles and storage on 15 load levels as well as an automated management system.

Lytos will provide the material and build the warehouse. The company, founded in 1960,  is today the absolute protagonist in its sector, thanks to its decades of experience. Lytos has worked alongside numerous European companies creating structures for vertical warehouses in more than 1200 plants. Lytos structures, a synthesis of technology and engineering, are the perfect basis for implementing softwares and equipment for the automatic management of the warehouse. 



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