Discover the evolution in construction site monitoring at PODIM 2024 with TimelapseLab

With immense pleasure, TimelapseLab invites you to discover the frontiers of innovation in the construction industry at PODIM 2024, one of Europe’s most prestigious tech and startup events. It will be held in Maribor, Slovenia, May 13-15, and is an exceptional platform for startups, investors, executives, and all those who are passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation. We will be inside the Maribox center on the first floor, there you will have the opportunity to explore our remote worksite monitoring solutions.

PODIM 2024 stands out as a vital meeting place, offering two days of one-on-one meetings with investors and corporate representatives, international speakers on three stages, and the participation of selected start-ups. It is a testament to the vitality and dynamism of the European tech ecosystem, dedicated to those driving change and innovation.


In this context, TimelapseLab emerges as a pioneer in the digitization of construction sites. Our technology, which integrates artificial intelligence for remote monitoring and management, offers a full suite of services, including automatic timelapse video generation, productivity and safety monitoring at the construction site, and integration with Digital Twin and BIM tools.

Clients such as project managers, construction management, marketing and occupational safety managers have already experienced the tangible benefits of our solution, including more efficient management and improved communication within their projects.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit us at the Maribox Center on the first floor to learn how our solution can transform your worksite management by improving efficiency, safety and compliance.



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