Serum Italia VanDrie Group

Expansion project Serum Italia by VanDrie Group with TimelapseLab devices

Take a look at the video made by TimelapseLab for the expansion project of Serum Italia, part of the VanDrie group. All high definition material was collected by our remote monitoring devices installed on site. The video created for marketing and communication purposes is the conclusion of our collaboration with the company, but the devices and our platform offer multiple advantages for the daily management of the construction site.

Some information on the project

Serum Italia is based in Cazzago S. Martino, in the province of Brescia, and is specialized in the research and selection of the best liquid whey, intended for the production of whey protein concentrate with 80% of protein in the dry matter through the use of advanced production facilities. Since October 2018, the VanDrie Group is the sole shareholder of Serum Italia. The company has recently raised major investments for expansions of its business, a complex project that includes several new state-of-the-art facilities and additional services amongst which: the construction of a new plant for the production and storage of WPC80, whey and fat. of whey powder, drying plants, 6 crystallizers with automatic heating and cooling systems, 4 additional tanks for receiving raw material of 250 mc / h, 4 storage silos of 195 cubic meters. Additional services have also been integrated such as cip for the automatic washing of all equipment and more.




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