New ship for the Maersk fleet | Monitoring and video training on Shipyards with TimelapseLab

Maersk modernizes Seago Piraeus, a 2007 container ship. The ship has been repainted and the internal engine has been modified, adapting it to the most modern standards.

Now the ship is officially part of the fleet of the group under the name Maersk Brownsville. The Danish group Maersk, one of the leading merchant shipowners in the world since 1904, carries out activities in various sectors: maritime transport, energy and shipbuilding. The new Maersk Brownsville is a container ship sailing under the Danish flag with a capacity of 4196 TEU and an overall length of 294.1m.

For this partnership, TimelapseLab monitored the rebuilding of the internal engine, producing a video for marketing and one for staff training at the end of the works.

The benefits of timelapse for staff training

With the material collected over the months, our team has produced a longer, more detailed and structured video, designed to be used as a training tool that fully illustrates all the stages of the procedure. TimelapseLab videos and images help improve training: you can show staff videos showing how the work is done, and with the possibility to download videos or images daily or weekly you can focus on analyzing the most important points in detail for the success of the project. For Maersk Brownsville and the engine rebuild the main stages were disassembly of old parts, cleaning, and final assembly.



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