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Navec and Holcim continue with their decarbonization project in Croatia

Navec and Holcim are collaborating on a significant decarbonization project in Koromačno, Croatia. The project has been assigned to Navec by Holcim Croatia and is valued at 20 million euros. The main objective of this project is to reduce CO2 emissions from the Holcim plant through a series of innovative interventions.

One of the most relevant aspects of the project is the construction of a new facility for receiving, storing and dosing alternative fuels. This new infrastructure is designed to enhance the efficiency of Holcim’s cement production process, enabling the use of alternative fuels that will significantly reduce CO2 and chlorine emissions.

The facility for receiving alternative fuels will be equipped with advanced systems to safely and efficiently manage different types of fuels, which will be used in the cement kiln. This new plant also includes dedicated areas for the storage and precise dosing of fuels, ensuring that the entire process is optimized for maximum environmental sustainability.

The project also involves the installation of a new calciner and a chlorine bypass, which will further improve the plant’s energy efficiency and reduce emissions of pollutants. This combination of advanced technologies is an integral part of Holcim’s strategy to achieve “Net Zero” and demonstrates their commitment to driving the transition towards more sustainable industrial practices.

TimelapseLab is monitoring the works from November 2023 to July 2024 using TL8 and TLA8 devices, ensuring constant and detailed control over the progress of the works. This continuous monitoring allows for timely identification of any issue, resource optimization, reduced on-site visits, and improved project management. Additionally, it provides comprehensive visual documentation that can be used for future analysis and progress sharing with stakeholders.




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