DUFERCO | TimelapseLab follows the construction of the new sustainable production line

UniCredit and DZ Bank have granted Duferco, supported by the German Export Credit Agency (ECA) Euler Hermes through the buyer’s credit instrument, a loan of 72 million euros aimed at the construction of a new production plant, based on advanced environmental standards, which will allow the company to carry out cutting-edge production processes in the name of sustainability at the Brescia site.

The new plant, which will be able to add 650 thousand tons of production capacity, will be built according to the most advanced environmental standards both in terms of energy, with the prevalent use of energy from renewable sources (with the possibility of hydrogen power supply), and under the appearance of the materials used, using 97% ferrous waste. It will also have positive direct and indirect employment effects on the territory.

TimelapseLab will follow the works with an expected end of 2022 with 3 TLA8 devices for 12 months.


Duferco Beams and Profiles is part of Duferco Group,
diversified international holding, with core activities in the steel, energy, shipping and innovation sectors.

source: DUFERCO press release



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