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Vitali | Redo Sgr – Brescia – Demolition and reconstruction of the Tintoretto Tower in 3 years

TimelapseLab will collaborate again with Vitali SPA that will record the demolition works of the Tintoretto Tower, historic building with 195 apartments (empty since 2013, year in which the demolition process started) located in San Polo, Brescia. Redo Sgr, – company that in 2020 won the tender organized by Aler for 1.3 million – has already contracted out the demolition works (entrusted to the Milanese Vitali Spa) which began in mid-May 2021. Starting from August 2021 the actual demolition of the building will begin after having secured the area in the previous months: the demolition does not involve any explosion as usual, but a cleaner and safer operation was opted by using mechanical arms that will ” eat the whole structure piece by piece.

Within 3 years, six lower buildings will be built containing 270 apartments in energy class A, a shared courtyard and other co-living spaces.This 45 million worth project proposes a solution based on the culture of sustainable living, which aims to enhance relationships between people also by sharing spaces and services that can be used by all residents. The six buildings are connected to each other and also in contact with the district and the park of San Polo thanks to the construction of 270 apartments with high quality and energy standards.

Timelapse Lab will follow the works for  36 months using  two TL8 devices.

Scopri il dispositivo TLA8 VF

TLA8 VF è l’innovativo dispositivo creato da Timelapse Lab con ottica varifocale motorizzata, che permette di cambiare inquadratura e realizzare movimenti di macchina in pochi clic e a distanza.



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