immagine dell'ilva di taranto

Video ILVA Taranto: Mineral parks coverage time lapse

Coverage of Ex Ilva – Taranto mineral parks, area of 26 thousand square metres and storage capacity of 230 thousand tonnes, filmed by TL8 time-lapse devices.
Ioppa’s park is 280 metres long, 98 metres wide and 35 metres high. Semat was responsible for the reinforced concrete foundations and elevations. In particular, 6 boxes for the conservation of Ioppa, each with a capacity of 39,000 cubic metres, and the central spine wall, which supports the truss of the roof structure, the sliding track of the take-back machine and divides up the piles of stored material.
TIMELAPSELAB, with two TL8 devices, was in charge of shooting the roof constructions for ILVA. The estimated time is 12 months.

Scopri il dispositivo TL8

TL8 è l’innovativo dispositivo creato da TimelapseLab ad alta risoluzione e con ottiche intercambiabili.



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