Satispay in Milan – the new location in Piazza Fidia 1

Satispay continues to aim high and chooses Milan as the city for its new headquarters, specifically in Piazza Fidia 1, in the Isola district.

The company specializing in digital payments is already present in the neighborhood, at 7 Via Luigi Porro Lambertenghi, has chosen to stay in the area and move to the 8500sqm designed by BE.ST, the architectural firm of young Stefano Berlingardi Clusoni. We are talking about “Primo,” the nearly zero energy building structured on 8 floors and with numerous amenities, including green spaces, terraces on each floor, restaurant and cafeteria. The building will have the shape of a “1“, it will consolidate the business managed in Italy and accelerate the expansion abroad; the goal is to continue to grow with speed to become the payment system of reference in Europe.

The building is owned by AREEF 2 SICAF s.p.a., managed by the Prelios Group, which is engaged in various activities that include consultancy for the search, purchase, sale and lease of real estate for commercial, residential, hotel, logistics and industrial purposes, while the management has been fully underwritten by Ardian Real Estate, one of the leading private equity firms globally.

The TimelapseLab team is following the construction site of this building with their own devices, specifically 4 varifocal TLA8 cameras will be used for monitoring for the duration of 2 years.

We are honored to contribute our monitoring systems to the construction of this space that represents the essence of Satispay, an ambitious and dynamic yet smart and sustainable building.

The area surrounding the building is ideal, it is an area that is experiencing great interest and is ready to be a catalyst point for other international companies, which, like Satispay, decide to establish their headquarters there; the city in general is bustling, young, and for this reason the company wants to reflect these qualities in their headquarters as well, making it a symbol of a positive future not only for Milan, but also for all current and future employees. The entire project is designed and developed with a maximum sustainability approach: more than half of the energy absorbed will come from renewable sources, the facility will be equipped with 90 photovoltaic panels, state-of-the-art equipment and systems, all surrounded by more than 1000sqm of green areas.

Satispay is a fast-growing company, in 2022 awarded the title of unicorn and aiming to become the largest fintech in Europe, and their values also emerge from the structure that will be their headquarters, namely a building inspired by high principles of energy and environmental efficiency.



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