Italian Coast Guard – Construction of new SAR CP300

Timelapselab is collaborating with Cantiere Navale Vittoria and the Italian Coast Guard and we have been commissioned to make a video of the shipbuilding of SAR CP300. The construction site will last 12 months and a TL8 device will be used throughout the construction.


The future units of the Italian Coast Guard built by Cantiere Navale Vittoria are ultra-modern vehicles in light aluminum alloy and, in addition to being self-righting, are unsinkable, have a draft of 0.95 meters, are able to reach a continuous maximum speed. of 35 knots and can accommodate up to 200 people on board. The units about 20 meters long and 4.5 meters wide, have among the main technical characteristics the ability to self-right. The new born of Casa Vittoria were commissioned in 2016 and are intended for the Coast Guard Corps mainly for carrying out search and rescue operations at sea.

Timelapse Lab will follow the entire shipyard via a TL8 device for a total of 12 months.




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