guardia costier greca

Greek Coast Guard | Timelapse construction of new patrol vessels

Timelapselab will collaborate with the Greek Coast Guard and Vittoria Shipyard during the construction of the new naval patrol vessels. The shipyard will last 14 months and a TL8 device will be used.

The Fast Patrol Vessel, which will complement the previously commissioned units, will be 36 meters long, 7 meters wide and will have a full load displacement of 156 tons. The delivery of the unit is scheduled for the first months in 2022, 28 months after the signature of the main contract. The boat will travel at a maximum speed of 37 knots thanks to the propulsion of the two Rolls Royce Ka.Me.Wa. type S71-4, and will be able to accommodate a crew of 16 people.

Among the most important equipment will be installed two remote control stations for weapons and two advanced surveillance and navigation systems. The boat will be designed and built according to the rules of RINA (Italian Register of Ships, member of the IACS) and will receive the highest notation of the class.



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