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ENEL | TimelapseLab follows the conversion of the Termini Imerese plant

The agreement between Enel and TimelapseLab continues, already consolidated in the past by the monitoring and production of time-lapse videos of the decommissioning of the Fusina (Venice) power plant and by the control of the works for the decommissioning and conversion of the Corigliano Rossano power plant (Cosenza ), as well as for the footage provided by TimelapseLab of the construction of the electrical network operations center in the Bologna office.

The Enel plant in Termini Imerese currently consists of four thermoelectric units with a total gross electrical power of 1340 MW. Over the years, the plant has undergone several extensions and transformations, but only a part of it is now included in the Futur-e project, launched in 2015 by Enel with the aim of total or partial conversion of the plants. no longer used or obsolete.

The reconversion project of the Enel plant in Termini Imerese will be followed for a period of 22 months with two TLA8VF devices, innovative devices designed by Timelapse Lab that allow the adjustment of the framing and the implementation of entirely remote machine movements.




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