maddaloni centrale elettrica

ENEL | TimelapseLab follows the decommissioning of the Maddaloni power plant

TimelapseLab will follow the decommissioning of the ENEL power plant in Maddaloni, in the province of Caserta for a duration of 6 months, with two TLA devices. The plant includes various auxiliary technological systems, initially necessary for the production process. The energy produced was fed into the grid at a voltage of 220 kV, with a connection to Terna’s “Maddaloni” electrical station. In recent years, the electricity generated by turbogas had been significantly reduced due to decreased market demand.

Enel has placed the plant in safety and conservation conditions, and will definitively cease operation of the plant.

The works will be monitored with the devices and services offered by TimelapseLab for a total duration of 6 months.



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