Construction site photos: new features to capture progress

The photos of the construction site are a versatile tool that can be used for various functions and benefits. It’s not coincidental that different technologies are applied in this process, leading to significant improvements in terms of efficiency and resource utilization.

In this article, we specifically discuss cameras for construction sites and time-lapse.

Construction site photos and work in progress

Why are construction site photos important?

Let’s take a step back and talk about the importance of documenting the progress of work on construction sites. This involves activities aimed at accurately and comprehensively recording, monitoring, and communicating the evolution of the construction project.

Documentation provides a clear record of the work done over time. This not only helps ensure that the project follows the established plan but also enables the timely identification of delays or issues, allowing for prompt solutions.

Similarly, detailed and easily accessible visual documentation allows all involved parties—clients, investors, and regulatory bodies—to have an accurate view of the progress. Ultimately, it serves as a valuable resource in legal disputes or claims, acting as tangible evidence of activities and conditions on the site.

In this context, construction site photos constitute an essential part of documentation, especially when time-lapse technology is implemented.

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Timelapse and construction site camera

Time-lapse is a photographic and cinematographic technique that captures the passage of time in an accelerated manner, allowing the observation of long-duration events or processes in a short span.

The underlying concept of time-lapse is simple: it involves the sequential acquisition of frames at regular intervals, ranging from fractions of a second to hours, depending on the needs. These frames are later compiled into a video, resulting in a visual representation that shows the accelerated evolution of time.

Time-lapse captures details and changes that would be difficult to perceive with the naked eye. In the context of construction projects, it highlights the progress of building construction or area transformation, producing construction site photos and also functioning as a video monitoring system for the work site.

Construction site photos and job site video monitoring

Using time-lapse for the production of construction site photos can bring numerous advantages in terms of efficiency and result quality.

From a technical perspective, there are key aspects to consider, including:

  • Strategic camera placement. The strategic placement of time-lapse cameras is crucial to capture the desired perspective and obtain a clear and comprehensive image of the construction site.
white camera in strategic position
Camera in strategic position
  • Power and connectivity requirements. Time-lapse cameras require adequate power, which can be supplied through traditional power networks or autonomous energy sources such as batteries or solar panels. Additionally, establishing a reliable (wired or wireless) connection is essential for remote control and image collection.
  • Efficient data management. Recording time-lapse images can generate significant amounts of data over time. Planning how to efficiently manage and archive this data is crucial, involving the use of dedicated storage servers, data management software, or cloud services.
  • Construction site photo preservation. For long-term documentation purposes, it is essential to reliably preserve time-lapse images. This may require regular backups and the implementation of security measures to prevent the loss of valuable data. Moreover, it’s important to consider data retention laws, especially if the project is subject to specific regulations.

Installing a system for video monitoring of the work site requires a wide range of skills, spanning from technical expertise to privacy regulations in the relevant country. Therefore, it is always preferable to rely on a team of professionals.

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