Timelapselab collaborated with DHL s.r.l. – Castenedolo (BS) and created a video thanks to the installation and installation of a device with which the works were constantly filmed. The device, which was connected to the internet for the entire duration of the construction site (approximately 9 months), made it possible to make a video of the construction of a 4500 square meter Logiman warehouse that it will rent to DHL Express. The structure will be built on an area of 15 thousand square meters and will include, in addition to the warehouse, also offices, external fingers for loading and unloading industrial vehicles and a yard of over eleven thousand square meters for the movement and parking of vehicles. The dimensions of the flaps show a high level of truck handling: 94 berths for commercial vehicles, eight for medium vehicles and seven for heavy vehicles.

Filming was carried out using a TL8 device, duration of the construction site approximately 9 months.