monitoring compliant with ESG criteria

TimelapseLab is commitment to sustainability and complies the ESG criteria: Environmental, Social and Governance. A sustainability rating  on the  impact of a company or organization operating on the market.

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ESG criteria

What we do for the Environment

We reduce the environmental impact and promote sustainable construction.

  • Our devices, according to the requests, can be equipped with a solar panel to self-charge , allowing to reduce the consumption of methane.
  • The remote monitoring offered makes on-site visits unnecessary and our customers are thus able to reduce travels between construction sites and the related CO2 consumption.
  • We facilitate recycling of old devices: components are easily separated and incorporated into new devices.
  • We help our customers to obtain environmental certifications by collecting high resolution photos that measure and report the process of adaptation to LEED and WELL standards for eco-friendly buildings

What we do for the Social impact

Our system has a positive social impact.

  • With a single platform, based on latest generation sensors, it is possible to detect and report any anomalies and dangers on site, helping to ensure greater safety at work.
  • Artificial intelligence based technologies  provide data and reports that can be used for better management of workers and collaborators on construction sites, combined with the data provided by the weather software. The set of functionalities has a positive impact on the progress of the work.

What we do for Corporate Governance

  • The TimelapseLab system guarantees the protection of privacy thanks to proprietary software that recognizes and obscures the sensitive data in the photos, ensuring compliance with  the  GDPR. Our services are delivered through a flexible and secure Cloud Computing system that ensures the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data to customers.
  •  We promote a controlled production chain with a limited number of production steps and commercial intermediaries, facilitating direct contact with the end customer.

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Dove posso accedere alla piattaforma?

La piattaforma è accessibile da un link web grazie a username e password personali. Gli accessi possono essere differenziati a seconda delle figure professionali coinvolte.

Il software privacy è compreso nel prezzo o va acquistato a parte?

No, il software privacy è compreso in ogni piano di noleggio di Timelapselab.

Quale documentazione Privacy e GDPR fornite?

Ti forniremo tutti i documenti di cui hai bisogno: informative sull'uso del sistema, la DPIA, i parametri per la privacy, diagrammi di flusso e allegati.

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