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Monitoraggio cantieri ESG

TimelapseLab confirms its commitment to sustainability by respecting the ESG criteria. A sustainability rating based on the environmental, social and governance impact of a company or organization operating on the market.

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ESG criteria

E for Environmental

Environmental aspects such as emissions, water and waste.

  • The remote monitoring of construction sites through timelapse devices has a positive environmental impact, as there is no commute involved and no CO2 emissions
  • The devices are powered through photovoltaic panels
  • The materials used for the devices are easy to separate at the end of their life cycle

S for Social

Social aspects such human rights, welfare and gender equality.

  • Thanks to our software developed internally and in compliance with the GDPR legislation it is possible to verify remotely the compliance with safety requirements on site (correct control of PPE use, use of aerial platforms, etc.)

G for Governance

Governance aspects such as ethics, privacy and supply chain management.

  • Controlled supply chain: control over the entire process, from the production of the device to its installation
  • Privacy: devices equipped with software that guarantee compliance with privacy legislations (obfuscation of faces, license plates and other sensitive information)

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