Dropbox Integration for Better File Management

Is Dropbox the go to tool for your team to store, share and organize files? Thanks to our new integration, TimelapseLAB customers can now connect their Dropbox account to our platform, and easily upload, share and interact with their Dropbox account.



Images, automatic timelapse videos and productivity reports created with TimelapseLab are kept safe in our cloud, and with our new integration every file can be also automatically uploaded to Dropbox storage, where it will be possible to use every tool such as Dropbox Online Viewer,
Image Editor and Sign.

Thanks to the new TimelapseLAB Dropbox integration all interested stakeholders have easy access to any relevant files concerning the construction site.

Setting up the TimelapseLAB Dropbox integration is easy and fast: just select the Dropbox icon from the share tab in the main grid photo view, authenticate your Dropbox account, and the platformare connected, and every video, image or report an easily share between TimelapseLAB and Dropbox storage.

Once Dropbox is connected TimelapseLAB customers can:

  • share any images, video and report with users and stakeholders
  • online edit the images with the integrated Dropbox web image editor
  • securely sign images with Dropbox web sign application
  • automatically upload monthly TimelapseLAB videos to Dropbox Storage
  • automatically upload weekly and monthly ZIP archives with all the snapshot taken from the
    remote construction sites to Dropbox Storage
  • view the PDF reports generated by TimelapseLAB Artificial Intelligence using Dropbox Online Viewer

This new Dropbox integration guarantees faster and more efficient workflows, so that your team can focus on the most important activities while the storage and organization of images, videos, and reports is simplified with TimelapseLab.

Get ready to improve your productivity!