Airport construction sites: monitor the activities and document the results in a few minutes

TimelapseLab offers complete solutions for the monitoring, documentation and professional video of the construction of airports and any other civil structure. We create time lapses for airports to allow the results achieved to be communicated efficiently and with impact. Whether it is a public or private body that takes care of the project, communicating it to its stakeholders via time lapse video creates the right engagement!

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Monitoring projects often involves frequent and long journeys, especially in the case of long-term projects such as airports


Efficiently communicating one’s work can be an opportunity for publicity, especially for projects of great interest to the community.


Documenting your projects for tenders is often long and difficult.



Effective monitoring and sefety

Thanks to the TimelapseLab online platform, you can monitor all your construction sites in real time, staying updated on the progress of the works, from the makeover of the runways to the construction of new structures, optimizing the activities of the operational areas. The control panel shows in real time how the work is progressing, allowing you immediate monitoring  compliant with privacy regulations, thanks to real-time obfuscation.

With TimelapseLab you maintain control over the timing of the works and the related objectives, facilitate communication between project managers and stakeholders and verify real-time safety problems for workers and the environment

Time lapse airports - Internal and external communication

Restorac runways, construction of new structures and buildings: our devices, tested and resistant to thermal stress, humidity and saltiness conditions, will allow you to film all the construction phases of your construction site and obtain a final video of the project, from first to last step. High definition and strong communicative impact are guaranteed.

The result will be a professional video to efficiently market and promote a site of public interest, or an effective means of disseminating progress through the comparison “before” and “after”.